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Victoria News – Tesla Internship Calls For UVic Designer Of Electric 'Caboost'

Times Colonist – Prosperity Project a winner for tech and transportation idea

Victoria News – Greater Victoria coalition shortlisted for $10 million in funding

CFAX 1070 – SIPP one of ten finalists in Smart Cities Challenge

Media Release – Greater Victoria Named Smart Cities Finalist

Information Release – Regional Collaboration Results in a United Smart Cities Plan for the South Island

The Martlet – E-Bike invention ‘The Caboost’ wins $15,000 award at prestigious Vancouver Island competition

Douglas Magazine – Winning at Innovation (April/May 2018 issue, pages 10-11)

Heise Online (in German) – Open Innovation Challenge Winner, Caboost, profiled

Victoria News – South Island innovators win $15,000 each for ideas to improve Victoria

CBC: Nal-Pal – The app that could save you from an opiate overdose

Times Colonist – Local Innovators Win Cash for 'Smart Ideas'

Media Release – Top 10 Finalists Announced for Open Innovation Challenge - Feb 6 2018

Times Colonist – Wanted: Ideas for the South Island, where the smart money is

Victoria News – South Island Prosperity Project offers Innovation Challenge

Business Examiner – Open Innovation Challenge Offers $15,000 for Best Smart Solutions

Times Colonist – Weekend meeting of minds to determine challenges facing region

Business Examiner – Smart South Island Symposium Takes Place This Saturday, Nov. 25

Media Release – South Island Is Strong Contender to Win Federal Smart Cities Challenge

Nexus Newspaper – Smart conference comes to town

Business Examiner – Federal Challenge Inspires South Island Communities to Smarten Up


CTV News - SIPP Open Innovation Winner to Intern at Tesla

CHEK News –  SIPP announced as a finalist in Canada’s Smart City Challenge

Daily Planet – Open Innovation Challenge winner, Simon Park,  featured with his invention CABOOST 

CHEK News – Smart South Island Symposium (Interview clip starts at 7:40)

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Smart South Island Podcast


Mayor Helps and Councillor Haynes are passionate advocates of economic prosperity through collaboration. They're also champions of the South Island Prosperity Project. In this conversation, Helps and Haynes chat about the importance of prosperity for the entire South Island, the barriers that need to be overcome, how indigenous culture can be used to enhance our collaborative output, and - the topic on everyone's mind - how to apply the Smart Cities concept to our entire South Island region.  

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Smart South Island Podcast

Todd Litman is Executive Director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, and a champion of the South Island Prosperity Project. In conjunction with SIPP's Smart South Island symposium, we sat down to chat about things like multi-modal transportation, the latest and greatest ideas from around the public transportation world, and why self-driving cars aren't the slam dunk everyone purports them to be. Enjoy the lively conversation!

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Smart South Island Podcast


Veronika Bylicki was one of the guests at our recent Smart South Island symposium. An entrepreneur and 'sustainable space' advocate, Bylicki's CityHive has driven several initiatives to bring innovative housing solutions to her city. In this interview, we have a lively conversation about her 'a-ha' moment, the 30 Network, and the direction of housing for the future. Enjoy!