South island prosperity project 

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One region, one vision, one purpose.

The South Island Prosperity Project’s (SIPP) mission is to facilitate and promote the development of a strong, regionally diversified economy on South Vancouver Island. 

Our vision is to do everything we can to build a collaborative, vibrant place to live and work. We intend to bolster our region’s economic and social prosperity by catalyzing the creation of high-quality, household-sustaining jobs, so that more families can afford to live, work and build a life here. 


As the South Island's regional economic development agency, the Smart Cities Challenge aligns perfectly with SIPP’s unique partnership model and organizational mandate to:

  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders and the public & private sector to diversify and strengthen the local economy;
  • Promote better employment opportunities & increased quality of life for the citizens of our region;
  • Provide support for entrepreneurs and business to increase their ability to prosper and increase jobs;
  • Maximize federal & provincial funding for regional economic development.

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