Meet our 10 finalists


Sylvain Celaire


Sylvain Celaire brings his passion for shared mobility and livable communities together in his role as Business Development Manager at Modo, working to reduce car ownership and single occupancy vehicle trips.


How is your project "smart" and aligned to the themes of Smart South Island?

We intend to use technology to connect people with workplaces in a way that is affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable, addressing all five of the challenge themes. The carpool solution is an adjacency to our core carsharing business that will require our software developers to add increasingly dynamic pool making capabilities to our underlying technology.


How was the final concept determined?

We have the expertise and we understand the problem. We also have some local partners interested in engaging with us on this pilot. With this readiness we see an opportunity to address a current gap in the transportation ecosystem - complementary to public transit - by leveraging our core business model (the sharing of vehicles) and strengths of our technology platforms as they exist today. The combination of carsharing and carpooling is a natural extension of our business.


How does your concept name explain itself?

The Greater Victoria Carpool Program gets people there today, for a more sustainable tomorrow, by using technology to create a hybrid carshare and carpool solution. Carpooling + Carsharing: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 


Where else in Canada or the world could you see your project being effective?

Wherever station-based/two-way carsharing is in place.  Any community suffering from commuting issues and/or those who want to reduce single-occupancy trips can benefit.


What was the biggest challenge in creating your concept?

Resisting the temptation to develop a technology solution to match carpool participants too early. Using a lower-tech solution to support the proof of concept will inform a better long-term high-tech solution.


What has been the most enjoyable part of creating your concept?

Finding local partners to collaborate with that share our vision of solving a real pain-point today, while enabling more people to (happily) live car-free.


If you could select any well-known person to endorse your project, who would it be and why?

David Suzuki, host of The Nature of Things, founder of The David Suzuki Foundation, and long-time Canadian activist to reverse global climate change. David is beloved worldwide by people of all ages and cultures. He brings people and movements together, by backing passion with science. His vision "to find ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that does sustain us” aligns well with our work in the sustainable transportation space.


If you could include any partner(s) within your concept who would they be and why?

We are pleased to already have a great natural partner in BC Transit. Ideally, all levels of government will at some point get involved and lead by example.


What long-term impact do you envision about your project?

In addition to Transportation & Mobility, we expect to be able to address the other four themes emerging from the 2016 Vital Signs Victoria Foundation report; with immediate impacts in Greater Victoria and potential for longer-term implementation province, nation or even world-wide. These include improved mobility, environmental health, human health and housing and affordability.


Why is Smart South Island important to our Region?

It can be viewed as a catalyst for creativity and investment in making our region more sustainable, liveable and attractive.