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Smart South Island Symposium 

On November 25, the South Island Prosperity Project brought together over 300 residents, local leaders, First Nations, entrepreneurs and investors for a Smart South Island Symposium public engagement event to think about how we can work together to become a smarter region by pairing digital technology and data together to create 'smart' solutions that will solve our region's top challenges. 

This was the first event in a two-part Smart South Island Symposium series hosted by the South Island Prosperity Project, to debate the opportunities and challenges that come with the smart and sustainable development of communities across the South Island region.

This animated event was facilitated by Charles Montgomery, author of Happy City, and expert in bringing together city builders and regular people to think about creative uses for cities as living laboratories.


This was an interactive event that provided attendees the opportunity to hear from a Global Future Cities Expert Jose Quadrio Alves as well as panel of experts who addressed Five Key Challenge Themes: 

  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Housing & Affordability
  • Economic Resiliency & Inclusion
  • Human Health
  • Environmental Health

Following the presentations, the audience participated in a number of engagement exercises using both online and offline platforms to help us define the greatest challenges facing our region that could be solved using smart technology. 


Throughout the day we used an online tool called "Mentimeter" to capture feedback in real-time. We will use this feedback to inform our Smart South Island 2040 vision, a guiding strategy and vision for creating a smarter, more sustainable South Island. For a glimpse at some of the results we gleaned through the live vote, check out the Snapshot below:

For a full breakdown of the day's events, including some of the themes and ideas that resulted from our engagement activities, check out our Event Summary:

If you weren't able to attend the Smart South Island Symposium, but would still like to see what you missed and stay connected, check out the video footage of our event below:

Smart South Island Symposium Part One

Smart South Island Symposium Part Two

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Symposium 2 - the Open Innovation Challenge - March 11

The Smart South Island Symposium wrapped up with the announcement of the South Island Open Innovation Challenge - a competition inviting the public to submit pilot project ideas that will make the South Island a smarter, more liveable and sustainable place. There will be three $15,000 prizes for the best and brightest submissions, and the winners will have the chance of being included in our federal proposal for Canada's Smart Cities Challenge

To learn more about the Open Innovation Challenge rules & criteria, check out the link below: